New Painting: Rainspell

Rainspell (working title), Oil on Panel, 24 x 36 in., 2016

After about a month of work my new painting is complete. No title for this yet, just tentatively calling it Rainspell. For my practice this image is large, measuring 24 x 36 inches. I consider it a pendant to the 2015 picture Forward Forever and is a direct result of my time spent in Montana this summer where I was fortunate to witness a multitude of breathtaking storms. The final picture is meant to be read as a Wisconsin scene, however. Below are details of the painting and the small oil sketch from which the larger version was fashioned.

Although hard to see in the full sized picture, a doe and buck take refuge near a tree in the lower left hand corner of the picture.

Lightening bolts within the upper left hand clouds.

My monograph carved into a stone in the lower right.

Detail of cattle and a telescope in the distance.

The central cloud with star.

The composition for Rainspell began as a miniature painting, just 5 x 7 in., which you can see above with a ruler for scale and then individually, below. A walnut frame will be built to house this little picture. The sketchbook at left contains designs for 8 x 10n. oils.

Rainspell Miniature, Oil on Panel. 5 x 7 in., 2016

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