The Permanent City II

The first three studies for the Permanent City are now complete; two 5 x 5 inch paintings and an 8.5 x 11 inch painting. The studio view, above, gives a good indication of their scale. These are "studies as finished works" and will be framed in walnut and exhibited alongside the finished version. There are currently four additional 5 x 5's in production in addition to the final, 24 x 36 inch painting. You can see the drawing for this project here.

This is the earliest of the three studies and functions as a color test. A simple warm light, cool shadow color scheme. It works well to delineate the forms of the buildings but they look too much like concrete as opposed to hewn stones. Thus, these color choices won't work for the final painting.

The second color test is based on the ancient Roman city of Jerash, in modern day Jordan. I visited this ruin while in the middle east several years ago. A nice color scheme but not suitable for the large version...

This study exhibits what will likely be the color scheme of the final painting. This is still a warm/cool scheme but avoids the monotony of grey by adding more blues and purples into the shadows. As of today the final painting is gessoed, etched, and grounded. The sky will go in first and begins this afternoon.

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