The Permanent City III

Three more studies for the Permanent City are now complete, bringing the grand total to five (all together above). The final painting is now well underway and I have no plans to create any more of these as the form, color, and brushwork are now all worked out. Details are below, all are 5 x 5 inch oil paintings on panel.

Study number 3 investigates the painting as a nightscape with illuminated windows.

Study number 4 is a study for the color choices of the sky and the effect of painting the clouds out of focus with the buildings in clear focus to create a sense of depth.

Study number 5 determines the final appearance of the windows in the Permanent City.

I'll eventually be framing these studies for exhibition. Above is my design for the frames which allow the paintings to "float" with their edges exposed.

You can check out the earlier studies here.

And the drawing for the paintings here.

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