House Mouse Part I

House Mouse Font Design Page I, A through H, Pencil on Bristol, 11 x 17 inches, 2017

I've thrown myself into the world of typography by designing House Mouse, an isometric font where each letter is a tiny building. Like anything I do complexity is a must which is kind of counterintuitive considering the purpose of a typeface is to be legible. Thus, House Mouse might be the worlds least useful font but one cannot deny it looks interesting. This started off as a demo for my Drawing Systems in Design course and quickly got completely out of hand. I may be a few years older by the time I reach the ampersand.

Individual letters below and more to come.

The name of this font, House Mouse, comes from a term used on American research stations in Antarctica. The system of house mousing is when USAP (United States Antarctic Program) members clean the common areas they use instead of leaving the task to the housing staff (bathrooms, lounges). This system gets implemented during the long winter months when USAP doesn't want to pay for cleaning staff. There are so few people on base during the winter that you can't justify hiring janitors.

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