House Mouse Part III

House Mouse Font Design Page III, Q through X, Pencil on Bristol, 11 x 17 inches, 2017

House Mouse is now complete! Above is Q through X and below is Y, Z, and a small selection of punctuation and other symbols. This was the second largest project of 2017, the first being the Permanent City. This all started with me making a demo of the letters A, B, and C for a design assignment for my students but I found the process so thoroughly entertaining I ended up with the whole alphabet. The next step is to get the files into Adobe Illustrator to have them turned into vectors. After that they can be enlarged or shrunk without getting pixelated. From here I'll get them into a downloadable file that you can import into MS Word and proceed to type all your important documents in House Mouse. I'll post the download on the blog when its ready.

Scroll down to see the second sheet, individual letters, and more info.

House Mouse Font Design Page II, Y, Z, Question Mark, Ampersand, Dash and Underscore, Comma and Period, Pound Sign, and At Symbol, Pencil on Bristol, 11 x 17 inches, 2017

Because I relegated each sheet to eight characters my alphabet ended with six empty spots. Main punctuation was a no-brainer; exclamation point, question mark, period, and comma. With the remaining spots I prioritized characters frequently used for internet functions; ampersand, pound sign, dash, underscore, and at symbol. I also chose the ampersand and at symbol as a final challenge for myself - drawing in isometric is pretty easy when you're only dealing with strait lines. But any time you need to pull an arc things get very difficult. The process involves plotting a series of points. These points are used as the radii of circles pulled with a bow compass. The more arcs the harder it gets to keep track of everything and getting each arc to neatly meet the next arc is a maddening activity.

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