New Paintings: Moons and Miniatures

Deimos and Phobos, both: Oil on Panel, 5 x 5 in., 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the opening of my solo show at RedLine Milwaukee. It was great to see everyone!

Although I haven't made a peep in the last two months (online), 2018 has been very productive studio-wise. In addition to several larger projects I have been producing a lot of miniatures. I find it easier to make small work in-between teaching duties. Above are two 5 x 5 inch oil paintings of Phobos (left) and Deimos (right). These are the moons that orbit Mars and the only moons besides our own within the inner solar system. Phobos fell from the asteroid belt at just the right time to connect with the Martian orbit, they've been together ever since. Deimos, on the other hand, is one of the most mysterious objects in out solar system, few theories exist on it's origin. The above image is a composite, these are two separate oil paintings. You can see them separated, below.

Deimos and Phobos, both: Oil on Panel, 5 x 5 in., 2018

Small Moon, Oil on Panel, 7 x 5 in., 2018

People at the Redline show were very responsive to a painting of the moon I made last year so I'm doing suite of moon paintings in different colors and orientations. Above is a particulairly vibrant one, it's pthalo blue.

Moon with Paraselene Oil on Panel, 10 x 8 in., 2018

A second, more understated moon with ring (paraseline). This one is composed of cerulean blue.

Several 2 x 3 inch miniatures, two galaxies and two comets. My apologies for the studio view, they don't photograph well due to their size. Ten of these paintings are currently in the works. It's amazing how difficult it is to make tiny paintings like this.

The eight paintings together for scale.

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