New Paintings: Black Cloud and Miniatures

Black Cloud, Oil on Panel, 12 x 18 in., 2018

This unassuming panel has been one of the most tumultuous endeavors of my artistic life. It's been floating around my studio, unfinished, since 2016. I actually started it at the same time as the Rainspell and the two pictures share many similarities. The Black Cloud is, essentially, the small version of the Rainspell. Every once and a while I end up with a picture like this one that I can't quite reconcile. It falls in and out of favor with me, I add things, take things away, sand it down, build it up, throw it in the garbage, pull it back out, only finding solutions over a long period of time. The Black Cloud eventually found its way and now I rather like the picture. Its always good when the tumultuous ones come to fruition. So much trouble over a pastoral - Paulus Potter must have fought these battles too, god I hope so, lest I am a pion.

I've been making a lot of miniatures lately. Studio view of seven more, above. All from imagination. Each one is 2 x 3 inches.

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