House Mouse Part IV

House Mouse is back on the agenda!

My apprentice Matthew Tomczack has taken on the herculean task of turning the letters of my font House Mouse into vectors. For those not familiar with this process, a vector is a digital image that has no resolution so it can change size freely without becoming pixelated. The process of vectoring the letters involves taking a scan of the drawings and digitally tracing them in Adobe Illustrator. This takes about an hour and a half a letter. As of today Matthew has completed the vectors for nearly half the alphabet. Above is one of the original drawings, left, next to the vector.

What does all this mean?

Once we've obtained a complete set of vectors we can type with House Mouse in Microsoft Word, on the internet, or any other program where one can type. It also brings us one step closer to publishing a coloring book featuring the font. Very cool! You can see the entire alphabet here and a sample of a few of the vectors below.

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