Una Historia Una Veritas Part II

Una Historia Una Veritas is quickly becoming 2018's largest project. As with images like this one, containing geometry and lots of detail, preliminary works become a necessity. I did an entire series of 5 x 5 inch paintings for the Permanent City and in a similar vein I've decided to do a suite of tests for Una Historia Una Veritas, this time on 5 x 7's. The first two tests are complete, studio view above.

For the first post on this project click here.

Una Historia Una Veritas Miniature I, Oil on Panel, 5 x 7 inches, Oil on Panel, 2018

Una Historia Una Veritas Miniature II, Oil on Panel, 5 x 7 inches, Oil on Panel, 2018

These first studies served two major purposes, to establish the paint handling on the dinosaurs and determine the time of day (lighting). I've envisioned Una Historia Una Veritas as a painting in bright daylight, to reflect what it's like digging in Montana. Still I entertained the idea of a nightscape and produced the first miniature thus. I like the mini but it hasn't changed my mind about lighting the painting in noon sun. The second study will more likely determine the lighting condition of the finished picture. I also came up with an approach to paint application for the fossils using craggy brushstrokes and color filled earth tones. Dinosaur bones are never white, but a series of browns, blacks, and greys. It can be easy to allow them to be colorless but I think I've found a solution.

As far as the big painting itself, the board has been "etched" using the above process. One of the questions I get most from students is how I manage to transfer my drawings to their painting surfaces. The answer is actually pretty simple. I scan the drawing and have it printed out on regular paper at a copy shop. I scribble on the back of the print out with prismacolor pencil, usually black or dark brown. Once I affix the print out to the panel I trace the drawing, transferring it to the painting. After this I paint the entire board with Raw Umber oil paint, sealing the drawing. After this paint can be applied, usually back to front, so I start with the sky which is going in tomorrow.

The drawing gets Alma's seal of approval!

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