New Painting: Una Historia Una Veritas

Una Historia Una Veritas, 24 x 36 in., Oil on Panel, 2019

Fresh off the easel is the first official painting of 2019. Una Historia Una Veritas means "one history one truth" in latin. This phrase is the motto of Dr. Thomas Carr for whom I excavate dinosaur bones with during the summers. The painting is a phantasmagoria of the Hell Creek Formation, one of the most fruitful sites for collecting dinosaur bones on Earth. The picture reimagines Montana as a scientific utopia, covered in immaculate specimens with a massive telescope holding vigil over the tableau.

Read all about my last expedition to Montana in this post.

See the preperatory work for this project in this post and this post.

Detail of the distant telescope and buildings.

Although completed this week the majority of this painting was completed in the last half of 2018. I began work on it just before leaving for Montana in July. The above telescope and outbuildings are all imaginary, drawn up in two point perspective.

Lower left hand corner of the picture.

All the dinosaur bones in the foreground are specific individual specimens. Above right is the skull of the Tyrannosaurus rex Sue from the Field Museum, Chicago. The triceratops is the articulated specimen in the Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul. And the duck-bill in the lower left is from the Carter County Museum in Ekalaka, Montana.

Lower right hand corner of the picture.

The central dinosaur here is Jane from the Burpee Museum in Rockford, Illinois. Jane is the only complete subadult T-rex ever found. The lower specimen is a beautifully articulated Tenontosaurus from the Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana.

Will be posting all of the drawings I made over winter break this week so stop back soon!

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